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Among the significant names of those who have contributed much towards literature of Pakistan, Ashfaq Ahmad’s name hold a significant place. He was a writer, playwright and a broadcaster. He devoted his whole life to Pakistan Radio and Television to introduce these two fields with the literal meanings of word “Adab”. He had also written hundreds of books. Ashfaq Ahmad’s books are loved across the border. He had written novels, short stories and plays for television and radio. Ashfaq Ahmad’s writings are sincere, sensible, thought-provoking, religious as well as humorous. He was regarded the best short story writer of Urdu after Manto, IsmatChughtai and KrishanChander. 

Early Life and Education:

He was born in India, 22 August 1925. He got his early education from his native village.He was 22 when his family migrated to Pakistan. He completed his remaining education from here. He did masters in Urdu literature from government college Lahore. He married to BanoQudsia who is also a big name in Urdu literature. He had three sons.


He was interested in literary activities from his early childhood. His stories used to publish in Phool Magazine. When he migrated to Lahore he started working as a clerk and used to do announcements on megaphone in refugee camp. Then Ashfaq Ahmad got job in radio azad Kashmir who was established in a truck. Life went on, he then got lectureship at Dayal Singh College, Lahore for two years. He also went Rome where he used to teach Urdu at Rome University as well as he worked as a Urdu newscaster in Radio Rome. On his returned to country, he started his own magazine “Dastaango” and served as a script writer in Radio Pakistan.

Talqeen Shah:

Ashfaq Ahmed started his popular radio program, Talqeen Shah in 1962 which made him immensely popular among the people in towns and villages. It was a weekly feature that ran for three decades, the longest weekly radio show in the subcontinent.

Ashfaq Ahmad’s Books:

Ashfaq Ahmad had a humorous style of writing which covers all important aspects of life as well as spirituality. His words always had a deep meaning.

Complete set of his writings:.

  • AikMohabbat 100 Afsanay
  • SubhanayFasanay
  • Gaddria
  • Aik Hi Boli
  • TalsimHoshAfza
  • Safar e Meena
  • KhailTamasha
  • AikZakhamAurSahi
  • Baba Sahiba
  • Safar dar Safar
  • Arz-e-Musanif
  • Zaavia
  • Mann ChaleKaSauda
  • Band Gali
  • TotaKahani
  • Phulkari
  • AikMohabbat 100 Dramay
  • NangayPaon
  • ShahlaKot
  • UchayBurj Lahore Day
  • AurDramay
  • HairatKada
  • TaaliThalay
  • Guldan
  • Jang Bajang
  • Hasrat e Tameer
  • DheengaMushti
  • ShoraShori
  • Dhandhora
  • Aashianay
  • Banda e Zamana
  • Asoodagi
  • Parrao
  • Zanjeer e Taaluq
  • Be Nayyaz Sufi Baba
  • Zikar-e-Shahab
  • Dastaango (Co-Author: AHameed)

Zaviya by Ashfaq Ahmad:

One of Best Books by Ashfaq Ahmed's PTV Forum 'Zavia'. In this book Ashfaq Ahmed wrote thought-provoking plays on social issues and using his vast knowledge of science, sprituality& different religions he dwelt upon topics such as 'Mayoosi (depression)', 'InsaanKoSharminda Na Kiya Jai', 'DostiAurTash Kay Game', 'We don't live in the present but in the future and in the past' & many others.

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