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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But here it lies in the eyes of the wearer too. Of course, it has to be the case when you have traditional footwear known as Balochi Chappal.

Research suggests, people at first notice the footwear while visualizing any other fellow human being and impression starts right from the bottom. Wear the Balochi Chappal and make your persona more impactful. This beautiful sandal is for all irrespective of the gender, age, culture or religion.

Although, the design, color, and material vary with the use and requirement. This Beautiful Chappal suits the elegant Shalwar Qameez and modern jeans as well. Once you have it, you won’t get tired of wearing it day in and day out but the love for it in your heart will get stronger with the passage of time.

The best of the Balochi Chappal are available at the very site you are scrolling on. You may think that it feels heavy on the foot, let us assure it doesn’t and it won’t especially in our products. Have the Balochi Chappal Online as soon as possible!


Old is Gold! That gold is just for you from our side. The Balochi Quetta Chappal has got a history of over a century now. It came into fashion with the emergence of the Baloch nation in the southern region that are Dera Bugti, Kuhlu, Bolan, Wadd and in Khuzdar as well. Moreover, the admirers popped because of its indigenous nature.

The footwear which has got its own huge fan base not only in Quetta, nor in the other area of Baluchistan, but exponentially growing number of people throughout Asia. Even the lovers of this brilliantly made footwear now exist in outside Asia and growing rapidly. Initially, People made the Balochi Chappal completely from leather pieces. But with progress and exposure of tribes to the cities, they began to use car tier for the sole instead of expensive leather.

The outer or say the upper part is made up of different types of foam and leather of different types such as cut piece leather, aster, and high kurm leather etc. The designs vary with cuttings of leather in different manner and shapes. Enticing these Balochi Chappal are!

Let us see in detail the features of the most famous footwear. Choose whatever you want. The promise of the quality is on us;


Well! You must have heard the name before. The fame of this type of footwear goes beyond expectation. People love it like anything.

The sandal is equipped with thick tire sole with hard high-chrome leather. Don’t worry about its reliability, it is stitched three times before it comes to you. It also comes out in the round and square cut types. Do not just dream for it, or see it on the digital screens! Get it on your foot and decorate yourself with this state of the art of Balochi Chappal.

The Balochi Chappal is very pleasing to the eye and very comfortable to the feet. The design of the footwear is very catchy and attractive to grab the attention of the people around you as it is very unique. The glitter touches deep in the heart.


Doch means embroidery. Embroidery is another name for the identical art of Pakistani people. Rural embroidery of Pakistan is out of the world, to say the least. The beautiful, colorful, and joyful chappal is just a click away.  So this footwear is. A sandal with outclassing desi embroidery is also available in the stock to be placed at your place.

Additionally, it is also wearable for women. The footwear is both decent and classy at the same time. Order the beautiful footwear hand stitched with deep care and concern of your choice and taste. The Balochi Chappal for Girls awaits to be set up on your foot to add charm to your beauty.

Will you prefer to just have a crush on it? Or you would like to bring this dream of you in reality? Beautify your wardrobe with another charm and blemish it out. We will facilitate you with it at your doorstep. Just order and get the accomplishment done and dusted!


Sensitive about price? We believe on should be. We care for that and respect the value of your hard earned money. It is one of the factors for which the objective to provide you products of highest quality raises up. The website offers a variety of perfect Balochi Chappal For Sale.

Exciting! Isn’t it? Get the best of the Balochi chappal in Lahore, Balochi Chappal in Islamabad for men, women, boy, girl and for everyone out there. Avail the opportunity and get the best in the lowest price possible without any compromise on the quality and the outlook. All you need to do is; select the chappal you love, order it to us, and get it delivered on the place within a few days.

Besides the information stated above, if you have any query, just ping is us and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We are always here to fulfill cravings to put traditional footwear. It is not outdated but a divine beauty updated as per the recent trends of the market.

Have it on whether you are going formal or casual, with swaying shalwar qameez or the modern jeans. It goes good with almost everything and anything. Nonetheless, cherish your joyous moment of a happy life with glorifying beauty.

Looking forward to assisting you out in this regard in the most satisfying possible way.