Neem Oil – 100% Pure Cold Pressed, 100ml [نیم]

  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Improves Skin Texture
  • Fights Wrinkles
  • Prevents Aging
  • Treats Scars and Blackheads
  • Protects Against Environmental Damage
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Conditions Dry Hair
  • Stimulates Hair Growth


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Neem Oil is extracted from the seed of the Neem tree. It is a rich source of fatty acids, Vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. It has a wide range of use in skin and hair treatment. On account of its skin and hair benefits, Neem oil is the essential ingredient of beauty products.

Anti-inflammatory properties: Neem Oil contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to treat skin diseases and infections.

Boosts collagen production: Neem Oil stimulates collagen production that helps to minimize wrinkles.

Soothes itchy skin: Due to anti-inflammatory properties and a high pack of fatty acids, Neem oil soothes itchy skin.

[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”60431fa678c02″ title=”Product Name” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Neem Oil” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”60431fabde75a” title=”Botanical Name” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Azadirachta Indica” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”60431fb173bc1″ title=”Origin” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Pakistan” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6043208d53081″ title=”Extraction Method” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Cold Pressed” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604320b792b43″ title=”Plant Part” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Seeds” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604321fcbcb1c” title=”Product Quality” title_width=”100″ after_title=”100% Pure” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6043225e0a731″ title=”BENEFITS OF NEEM OIL” title_width=”100″ woodmart_empty_space=””]
Moisturizes Skin
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604322697924e” title=”Moisturizes Skin” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Owing to essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Neem Oil is a natural moisturizer for dry skin. It also helps to retain moisture on the skin.” woodmart_empty_space=””]
Improves Skin Texture
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6043227b072f9″ title=”Improves Skin Texture” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Don’t worry, if you are struggling with skin tone and texture. Neem Oil improves the texture of skin with a lustrous glow by making the skin soft. It has the ability to even the melanin production that improves the skin tone.” woodmart_empty_space=””]
Prevents Aging
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6043228168cb0″ title=”Prevents Aging” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Neem Oil is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids which combine to fight against aging. Neem Oil contains the ingredients that stimulate collagen production. Collagen reduces wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin soft and supple. Antioxidants in the oil support protect the skin from free radicals damage. Thus, neem oil has rejuvenating properties.” woodmart_empty_space=””]
Treats Scalp Infections
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”60432287abc24″ title=”Treats Scalp Infections” title_width=”100″ after_title=”On account of its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, Neem oil has the fame of treating scalp and skin infections.” woodmart_empty_space=””]
Hair Growth
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6043229011fe4″ title=”Stimulates Hair Growth” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Neem Oil stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp.” woodmart_empty_space=””]
[woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11118" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Health Benefits" css=".vc_custom_1615012528402{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6043229d4c25c" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwNDMyMjlkNGMyNWMiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19" woodmart_empty_space=""]It is Good for General Health.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11113" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Anti-Inflammatory Properties" css=".vc_custom_1615012538189{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="604322b5a5e74" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwNDMyMmI1YTVlNzQiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19" woodmart_empty_space=""]This Oil Minimizes Inflammation.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11112" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Antibiotic Effects" css=".vc_custom_1615012547172{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}" woodmart_css_id="604322bf86f71" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwNDMyMmJmODZmNzEiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19" woodmart_empty_space=""]This Oil Kills Bacterial Germs Due to Antibacterial Properties.[/woodmart_info_box]
Neem Oil
[woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11114" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Antioxidant Function" css=".vc_custom_1615012556720{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="604322ca05aac" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwNDMyMmNhMDVhYWMiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19" woodmart_empty_space=""]It has High Content Of Anti-Oxidants Like Vitamin E Which Provide Special Protection to the Skin and Hair.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11115" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Environmental Protection" css=".vc_custom_1615012565772{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="604322d1e74be" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwNDMyMmQxZTc0YmUiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19" woodmart_empty_space=""]It Protects the Skin and Hair From Environmental Damage.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11119" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Main Component" css=".vc_custom_1615012576751{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}" woodmart_css_id="604322dc54dd7" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwNDMyMmRjNTRkZDciLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19" woodmart_empty_space=""]

Rich In Vitamins, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids.


[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” tag=”h3″ title=”KEY INGREDIENTS” css=”.vc_custom_1615012587584{margin-bottom: 30px !important;}” woodmart_css_id=”604322e6e72b5″ title_width=”100″ after_title=”Cold-Pressed Neem Oil – 100% Pure & Natural” after_font_size=”eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfcmVzcG9uc2l2ZV9zaXplIiwiY3NzX2FyZ3MiOnsiZm9udC1zaXplIjpbIiAudGl0bGUtYWZ0ZXJfdGl0bGUiXX0sInNlbGVjdG9yX2lkIjoiNjA0MzIyZTZlNzJiNSIsImRhdGEiOnsiZGVza3RvcCI6IjE2cHgiLCJ0YWJsZXQiOiIxNHB4In19″ woodmart_empty_space=””][woodmart_title font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604322f063958″ title=”Cautions” title_width=”100″ woodmart_empty_space=””]
  • Use only 100 % pure cold-pressed neem oil
  • Store it in a cool and dark place.
  • Do a patch test prior to use.
  • Lightly dab the neem oil with a cotton ball onto the skin.
  • Use warm water to wash off the oil.
  • It is better that mix it with equal parts of carrier oil (jojoba, grapeseed, etc.) when using it on the face or body, or on sensitive skin.
  • Protect it from children.
  • Do not consume Neem oils due to toxic elements.
[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604322f601d40″ title=”How to Use” title_width=”100″ woodmart_empty_space=””]

For Soothing Irritated Skin: Mix a few drops of neem oil with aloe Vera gel.

For Body Treatment: Add Neem oil to warm water for a bath.

For Dry Skin Conditioning: BlendedNeem Oil with Coconut Oil before applying. Optionally, add a few drops of Lemon or Lavender Essential Oil for fragrance.

For Acne: Mix Neem Oil with Olive Oil prior to use on the face and wash after one hour.

For Toning: Apply few drops of Neem Oil with a cotton bud on the skin.

For head lice: Apply 2 tablespoons of warm Neem Oil to the hair at the night, wrap a scarf and wash in the morning.

For Face: Mix neem oil in the sandalwood powder and use it twice a week for a radiant glow.

For Insect Repelling: Apply dilution of Neem oil and Sesame oil to the skin.

[woodmart_title font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604323080b43b” title=”Why to Buy Neem Oil of Kaamy?” title_width=”100″ woodmart_empty_space=””]
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Approved For Skin and Hair
  • Provides Deep Nourishment
  • No Artificiality
  • No Color or Chemical Preservation
  • No Impurity or Harmful Elements added
  • High-Grade Cold Pressed
  • 100%-Pure & Natural
Neem Oil in Pakistan
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Fights Wrinkles
  • Repairs Skin Damage
  • Soothes Itchy Skin
  • Treats Acne and Pimples
  • Ant-Aging
  • Tones Skin
  • Treats Scars and Blackheads
  • Prevents Graying
[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”604323392c404″ title=”Read in Urdu اردو میں پڑھیں” title_width=”100″ woodmart_empty_space=””]

نیم کا تیل

نیم کا تیل فیٹی ایسڈ ، وٹامنز ، اینٹی آکسیڈینٹ اور دیگر غذائی اجزاء سے تیل ذریعہ ہے۔ اس کا جلد اور بالوں کے علاج میں وسیع پیمانے پر استعمال ہے۔ نیم کے تیل کے جلد اور بالوں پر مفید اثرات کی وجہ سے یہ خوبصورتی کی مصنوعات کا لازمی جزو ہے۔

اینٹی انفیکشن کی خصوصیات: نم کے تیل میں  اینٹی انفیکشن اور اینٹی بیکٹیریل خصوصیات ہوتی ہیں جو جلد کی بیماریوں اور انفیکشن کے علاج میں مدد کرتی ہیں۔

کولیجن کی پیداوار کو فروغ دیتا ہے: نیم کا تیل کولیجن کی پیداوار کو متحرک کرتا ہے جو جھریاں کو کم سے کم کرنے میں مدد کرتا ہے