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Black Crocodile Quetta Norozi Shikari Chappal

Black Crocodile Quetta Norozi Shikari Chappal

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Peshawari Chappal in Pakistan:

Peshawari Chappals are Hand Made Sandal shoes generally worn by Pashtun’s. Often it is called “Kheri”. It is made in Cowhide. Some flexible material is also used to design Peshawari Chappal. Most of the Peshawari Chappals/Sandals look the same.
However, the shapes are different. In the beginning, these chappals were designed in Pakistan’s KPK city Peshawar.

The Process of Making a Peshawari Chappal is:

  • 1. Calfskin Cut.
  • 2. The Making of Sole.
  • 3. Then Stitching
  • 4. Fitting

There are some famous types of Peshawari Chappals:

  • 1. Charsadda Chappal
  • 2. Kaptaan Chappal 
  • 3. Khyber Chappal 
  • 4. Afridi Chappal 
  • 5. Classic Peshawari Chappal

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