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Smart Watches in Pakistan:

Technology has advanced enough to transfer your mobile phones from your pocket to your wrist.  Just in form of Smart Watches. Which is slowly and gradually replacing traditional watches whose purpose was merely to tell time. Now, Smart Watches are becoming smart enough to cover each and every functionality of a mobile phone.

However, The trend of Buying Smart Watches in Pakistan is increasing. There are different vendors that are in a race of manufacturing smartwatches. Like Samsung, Apple, Mobvio (TicWatch E2), Fitbit, MisFit,  Huawei, Sony, Vivo, and Fossils etc.

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“People in Pakistan are more likely to buy smart watches because of their enormous benefits as stated below”.

Benefits of Smart Watches:

You are deriving and wanted to go somewhere but the location got dismissed. So, Instead of opening up a mobile phone and getting into mess with it while deriving just do a few clicks on your smart watch. It has in-built GPS that will lead you directly to your location.

Doctors Advised about SmartWatch:

You are a heart patient or you are ill and your doctor has advised you to maintain your heartbeat. So, don’t bother for buying an instrument for monitoring of heart rate, Smartwatch can serve the purpose well. It has inbuilt sensors that will give you an accurate heart rate every time.
If you are conscious about your sleep and want to monitor your sleep timings. Smartwatches are the best option which not only keeps a record of your sleep. But will also give you healthy pieces of advice.

Help in Walking & Exercising:

For people who love to exercise and walk, a smart watch can be the best companion to them. It keeps a record of how many calories have burnt, how many should be burnt, how many steps have you walked and what is your current glucose level.

People who love to swim and also want to keep track of time, smart watches can be the best solution for them as modern smart watches are waterproof. They are an easy alternative of mobile phones and traditional watches as you cannot take these both in water for seeing time.

Alarm Clock Functionality:

Another interesting feature of SmartWatch is this that it also carries an alarm clock in it. Now your watch will be responsible for waking you up on time. It also has a stopped clock in it.

Everyone loves to instantly check messages that come to his mobile. SmartWatch provides you this facility that every incoming message pops up to your watch screen if you are connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Social media messages also pop up easily on your watch.

Instant Messages:

Smart watch not only allows you to see messages but also allows you to receive and make calls. This becomes specifically important when you are driving.

For music lovers, a smartwatch is providing them with an iPod on their wrist. Connect your headphone with your smartwatch and enjoy the music of love.

One of the greatest features of your smartwatch is that it is your mobile finder. Pressing a button on your smartwatch will make your smartphone to give an alarm even if it is on silent allowing you to find it more easily.

and many more…

Smartwatch– Future:

Smartwatches appear to be settling into a steep growth curve in the late 2010s in terms of global market adoption. Data from Statista show that sales have risen from 5 million units worldwide in 2014 to an estimated 141 million in 2018. Due to enormous benefits of smartwatches, we can predict that Smartwatches are replacing normal wrist watches slowly and gradually and it is just a matter of time, normal wrist watches won’t even be found on any hand.

Buy Smart Watch Online in Pakistan:

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