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Please make sure you input the true details while registering your account. It is understood that the data given to us is genuine and correct in nature without any false or misguiding information whatsoever. It is for the ease of transaction like delivery of product at your place etc. If the details provided do not exist on real grounds, you may bear the loss in case of the mishap.


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We respect your personal details and do not aim to exploit your privacy. Your contact number and other things will be kept safe and secure. In this regard, if you find any issue or problem, please complain and inform us about the issue. The site will take immediate notice of your concern in the best possible manner.

Availability of Site:

We aim to maintain and operate the website with our utmost effort. It is our obligation to make it available at anytime, anywhere and any place whatsoever across Pakistan. Additionally, constructive criticism from your side will be taken positively. We will value your feedback and it will surely assist us to facilitate you the best online platform to perform online purchases.

Above mentioned policies are to be kept in consideration before performing any activity or opting for transactions.