Tomato Seed Oil – 100% Pure Cold Pressed, 50ml [ٹماٹر]

  • Moisturizes Dry Skin
  • Anti-Aging
  • Nourishes Skin
  • Removes Scars & Wrinkles
  • Repairs Sun Damaged Skin
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Treats Acne
  • Reduces Stretch Marks
  • Calms Eczema& Psoriasis
  • Nourishes Dry and Damaged Hair


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Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and minerals Tomato Seed Oil has great nourishing effects on the skin. It is a great emollient that easily absorbs into the skin and greatly beneficial for its structure.

Anti-Inflammatory: Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful in treating the skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Anti-Aging Effects: On account of the rich properties, Tomato Seed Oil contains anti-aging effects. It revitalizes the lifeless skin

[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef23cfc66″ title=”Product Name” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Tomato Seed Oil”]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef4417a83″ title=”Botanical Name” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Solanum Lycopersicum”]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef4f9ac06″ title=”Origin” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Pakistan”]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef58ecc26″ title=”Extraction Method” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Cold Pressed”]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef658a46b” title=”Plant Part” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Seeds”]
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef6d47a6c” title=”Product Quality” title_width=”100″ after_title=”100% Pure”]
[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef7481a65″ title=”BENEFITS OF TOMATO SEED OIL” title_width=”100″]
Anti Aging
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef7e5d955″ title=”Anti-Aging” title_width=”100″ after_title=”If you fantasize about bright and youthful skin for a long time, Tomato Seed Oil is your young living partner. Due to the rich nutrient content, Tomato Seed Oil has anti-aging properties. The anti-oxidant content of the oil protects the skin from free radicals damage along with preventing premature aging. It fights against wrinkles, fine lines, and chapped skin.”]
Nourishes Skin
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef856742e” title=”Nourishes Skin” title_width=”100″ after_title=”It is the dream of every individual whether female or male to nourish his skin. There is good news for both the gender that Tomato Seed Oil is packed with skin nourishment ingredients. Essential fatty acids like Linoleic Acid is a great moisturizer that not only hydrates the skin but also makes it supple and soft. Minerals like copper, iron, and manganese nourish the skin along with improving skin structure. Omega 9provides skin regenerative support. Thus, Tomato Seed Oil is a great nourishing oil.”]
Dry Skin
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef8f4d8df” title=”Moisturizes Dry Skin” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Tomato Seed Oil is a great lubricator that quickly penetrates into the skin. It is a great moisturizer for dry skin.”]
Skin Damage
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef965d049″ title=”Repairs Sun Damaged Skin” title_width=”100″ after_title=”You are suffering from Sun Damaged Skin, and you want to get rid of it. Meanwhile, you have tried a no of products in treating the issue and still, you are struggling with it. Here is nature’s great gift in the shape ofTomato Seed Oil to treat the sun damaged skin. Rich with antioxidants properties, Tomato Seed Oilworks wonder on sun tan and repairs sun damaged skin.”]
Conditions Hair
[woodmart_title color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039ef9f8b2a0″ title=”Nourishes Dry & Damaged Hair” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Tomato Seed oil is very popular for dry and damaged hair. Due to its moisturizing effects, it nourishes them along with repairing split ends.”]
[woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11118" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Health Benefits" css=".vc_custom_1614409650562{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6039efa9755fa" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwMzllZmE5NzU1ZmEiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19"]

  • It is Good for General Health.
  • Anti – Cancer.

[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11113" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Anti-Inflammatory Properties" css=".vc_custom_1614409660930{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6039efb5a8613" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwMzllZmI1YTg2MTMiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19"]This Oil Minimizes Inflammation.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11112" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Antibiotic Effects" css=".vc_custom_1614409671978{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6039efbfd6132" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwMzllZmJmZDYxMzIiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19"]This Oil Kills Bacterial Germs Due to Antibacterial Properties.[/woodmart_info_box]

Tomato Seed Oil
[woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11114" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Antioxidant Function" css=".vc_custom_1614409683659{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6039efcbb05f4" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwMzllZmNiYjA1ZjQiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19"]It has High Content Of Anti-Oxidants Like Vitamin E Which Provide Special Protection to the Skin and Hair.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11115" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Environmental Protection" css=".vc_custom_1614409765203{margin-bottom: 6vh !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6039f01b7aa51" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwMzlmMDFiN2FhNTEiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19"]It Protects the Skin and Hair From Environmental Damage.[/woodmart_info_box][woodmart_info_box icon_style="with-border" image="11119" image_alignment="left" img_size="70x70" title="Main Component" css=".vc_custom_1614409783821{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}" woodmart_css_id="6039f02f8f1a4" svg_animation="no" info_box_inline="no" icon_border_hover_color="eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfY29sb3JwaWNrZXIiLCJjc3NfYXJncyI6eyJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOlsiOmhvdmVyIC5pbmZvLWJveC1pY29uIl19LCJzZWxlY3Rvcl9pZCI6IjYwMzlmMDJmOGYxYTQiLCJkYXRhIjp7ImRlc2t0b3AiOiIjMzY3MWFmIn19"]

  • Rich In Vitamins, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids.


[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” tag=”h3″ title=”KEY INGREDIENTS” css=”.vc_custom_1614409922661{margin-bottom: 30px !important;}” woodmart_css_id=”6039f0bce178e” title_width=”100″ after_title=”Cold-Pressed Tomato Seed Oil – 100% Pure & Natural” after_font_size=”eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfcmVzcG9uc2l2ZV9zaXplIiwiY3NzX2FyZ3MiOnsiZm9udC1zaXplIjpbIiAudGl0bGUtYWZ0ZXJfdGl0bGUiXX0sInNlbGVjdG9yX2lkIjoiNjAzOWYwYmNlMTc4ZSIsImRhdGEiOnsiZGVza3RvcCI6IjE2cHgiLCJ0YWJsZXQiOiIxNHB4In19″][woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039f03bc9898″ title=”How to Use” title_width=”100″]

For Skin: Massage a few drops of the oil into your face or skin.

For Hair: Apply 5-7 drops of Oil to the scalp and Massage for a while.

To Repair Damaged Skin: Apply a few drops of oil underneath the makeup or at night.

[woodmart_title size=”medium” font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039f04e3d203″ title=”Recipe: To Reduce Stretch Marks.” title_width=”100″]
  • Shea butter: ½ cup,
  • Tomato Seed Oil: 2 tbsp and
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Blending all the ingredients together
  • Apply the blend twice a day to fade away stretch marks.
[woodmart_title font_weight=”700″ color=”primary” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”6039f05eeabac” title=”Why to Buy Tomato Seed Oil of Kaamy?” title_width=”100″]
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Approved For Skin and Hair
  • Provides Deep Nourishment
  • No Artificiality
  • No Color or Chemical Preservation
  • No Impurity or Harmful Elements added
  • High-Grade Cold Pressed
  • 100%-Pure & Natural
Tomato Seed Oil
  • Moisturizes Cracked Skin
  • Anti-Aging
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Nourishes Skin
  • Remove Scars
  • Rashes
  • Stretch Marks
  • Repairs Sun Damaged Skin
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ٹماٹر کے بیجوں کا تیل

اینٹی آکسیڈینٹس ، ضروری فیٹی ایسڈ اور معدنیات سے بھرپور ٹماٹر سیڈ آئل کی جلد کے لئے حیرت انگیز اثرات ہیں۔ یہ جلد میں آسانی سے جذب ہوجاتا ہے اور اس کی ساخت کے لیے بہت فائدہ مند ہے۔